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Investor Relations

The story so far...
Ultimate is in no need of money. We mean it. We need money neither to maintain day-to-day operations nor to invest in the company’s development for the net margin is over 50% (whilst R&D are included in OPEX), dividends are paid twice a year and business grows by tens of percent annually.

However, due to model idiotic efforts of the government in place the future of Russia’s economy in general and our market specifically is vague and definitely sad. Thus under such circumstances seeking international growth by Ultimate’s going global seems the most prospective line of development.

We have got almost everything to succeed in the global marketplace —

— objectively best, completely ready for industrial introduction product, which was originally designed and developed for internationals.

— success story

— clear marketing positioning based on vivid differentiation from the existing market players due to maximum focus on the most prospective niche of e-commerce

— robust sales pattern

BUT ONE — a resourceful investor among the shareholders whose name and reputation could ensure Ultimate’s right perception as a serious and a very promising player on the markets of Europe, the USA and Asia. Other words we do need a strong antidote for that stereotyped image of all Russians as weird guys whose only gains are vodka, caviar, balalaika and the Kalashnikov gun.

Ultimate is incorporated under British Law and out of Russia jurisdiction. The company’s assets are as well run under British Law.
Intellectual property and trademarks are registered in a proper way.

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